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Play Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society (PFS) online with us! AustNet's Pathfinder and D&D IRC channel. Our regulars come from all over Australia and we have an increasing playerbase from Asia and the US. We play any tabletop roleplaying game (mostly PFS, currently) via IRC and use a custom program called Combat Assistant created by Ballig to map combat.

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Come along and speak to the regulars to get an idea of how Pathfinder and PFS work through an IRC channel. Sit in on a game, play a test session, or just roll up a character if you are confident enough. If you have an IRC client installed, this link should connect you with us. Otherwise, if you use mIRC type the command below to connect to the network and join our channel. If you use any other IRC client, use the above information with the equivalent command. If you do not have an IRC client you can connect directly to the channel here. If no one is about and you do not want to idle and wait, leave us some contact information (an e-mail address or messenger ID) and we will message you.

We are always looking for new people to join us in our campaigns. If you want to GM, feel free to come along and see if there are enough interested people for your proposed campaign. Novices and experienced players welcome.


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Pathfinder Items #2: Survival by Avatar

General Gabble #11 - 31 August 2014

It's been a little over a year and a half (or a season and a half, in Pathfinder Society terms) since the last article on what-to-buy came out, so it's time for an update. Make sure you have the right rulebooks for these!

This one's going to also include some near-essential magic items, and only mentions the important abilities of the item, not necessarily all of their abilities.

Three years, sixty tables, three stars. by Mekkis

DM Feature #9 (Pathfinder Society) - 22 March 2013

Looking back to my first online PFS session I ran, back on 30 December, 2010, things have changed a lot.

We were playing without the benefit of skype, and thus had walls of text. In addition, the lack of a dedicated community seemed to fail to communicate the importance of factions - which has unfortunately seemed to spread world-wide.

CA v2 was rather primitive back then, only recently supporting background images, and if I recall correctly, crashing whenever a new tab was used. There was no background image adjustment, which required significant preparation in the GIMP to be centered correctly. Since then, we have image placement, lines, blast cones and radii, and the ability to bypass NATs by means of webserver bouncing.

But that is just the technical side.

Since I started running PFS, I have been able to shake hands with fellow players at conventions throughout the years, and have really grown my self-confidence to stand up in front of a table full of strangers and start voice-acting. The local (Brisbane) PFS scene has bloomed, to the point where we now have a local VC who isn't 1000 miles away, and local turnout justifying two to three tables a session.

Online, things have grown even more dramatically. In 2010, there were four characters listed on the PFS campaign page. This has blossomed to over 330. We're running at least one game a week, sometimes three or four, and have attracted players from the US, Russia, and Singapore to name a few.

This website was renamed from dnd.ballig.net to www.pfrpg.com.au, and scheduling features and scenario search was added, Furthermore, the amount of wasted time during scenarios has been dropped. Gone are the days where we would be required to schedule a PFS scenario over two or three sessions.

PFS has grown, and is still growing. Paraphrasing a respected MtG judge, "We are all volunteers of the Paizo marketing department." If so, this is the most fun I've had volunteering for anything.

3-Star PFS GM

Pathfinder Items: Consumables #1 by Avatar

General Gabble #10 - 20 January 2013

Steven provided this handy list of items newer characters (and some older characters) should consider buying: Items costing 2 prestige (or 750gp) - which will save your life: Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges, 1d8+1 instant healing) Wand of Infernal Healing (50 charges, fast healing 1 for 10 rounds and you detect as evil for its duration; a guaranteed 10 hit points of healing, great for casting outside of combat) Potion of Fly Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (give it to a party member to feed you if you fall for 3d8+5 instant healing) Potion of Lesser Restoration (better than taking 3 rounds to cast it normally) Alchemical items: Antiplague, 50gp: +5 to fort saves vs disease or a two rolls to save if you're already infected Antitoxin, 50... [read more]

PFS Gripes - The Difficulty on Receiving an [O]fficial Ruling by Mekkis

General Gabble #9 - 16 October 2012

So, you're in a position where either Something has happened (accidentally tossed onto another plane, perhaps) - or you've got a concept that Might Work but requires GM approval or a GM ruling. What do you do? In a regular campaign, you approach your GM (preferably out of the session), a ruling is made, and you abide by it. Simple. In Organised Play, however, the GM at the table isn't really the GM of the campaign. Indeed, Paizo tends to call them "judges" - they are generally not able to make any form of [O]fficial ruling. As the documents and the forums say, the Campaign Coordinator (formally Josh Frost, now Mike Brock). You might be able to get an [O]fficial answer out of a Venture Captain, but s far as I can tell, they're more on the organisation a... [read more]

Absolute power, absolute blighted corruption. by Avatar

DM Feature #8 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 19 November 2011

A druid named Shawn once went to Willow Ridge to make a call for some brave adventurers, and 3 adventurers answered the call. One of them got taken by the Blight, and is now in the hands of the healers. One of them got taken by the shadows. One of them is lost to the ethereal void. In that time, they came across a hermit who had lost his mind, but had unknowingly discovered the dangers of the Blight and sought a way to fix it. He ended up becoming a victim himself. In that time, the adventurers eventually wandered right past the dragon's lair, and later found their way inside. They eventually braved their fears and ventured into the fort in the Great Swamp, to find the creatures within were almost no match for them. They found a sorcerer who... [read more]

Convention Review, Unicon Melbourne 2011 by snypt

General Gabble #8 - 09 October 2011

This is a detailed review of my weekend at Unicon to show what the average roleplaying convention is like for someone familiar to playing online, but brand new to roleplaying conventions. It is Sunday night and I am sitting here thinking back on what a great weekend I have had. This weekend I went to my first roleplay convention. Unicon. For the last few weeks I had been looking forward to getting to play a pen and paper RPG for the first time in a long time and not only that but I was going meet face to face with some really cool guys I have been chatting and playing with for the last few years. I was dreading having to get up at 5:30am so I could make it to South Yarra from Epping on the train, but figured it would be well worth the trouble... [read more]